Summer is over, what now?

Excited kids, laughing, jumping, kicking and flying into the air.

We started off with a hiss and a bang!  The classes were full and the kids were energised to start learning before the heat of summer struck.


“Helene i just want to say thank you or the work you have done with Olivia last term she has come leaps and bounds with her water safety and confidence in the water . Thank you and can’t wait for next term to start and see what other new amazing things she can accomplish with your teaching”


Winter is here and sickness has arrived.


Some people prefer to just do the summer as it gets colder and the kids are not as keen to continue in the cooler weather.


If you are choosing to not put your child in learn to swim during the winter then ensure they are still going to the pools regularly to keep their confidence up in and around the water.


The advantage of learning to swim with Helene at Turtle Swim School is your child will get continuity of instruction.  Helene knows where your child is at with their learning and has a goal for each child.  If that goal is not reached then that child is looked at and assessed as to what can be done to encourage your child to progress.


  • During the winter go to the pools regularly with your children.
  • Encourage them to play and have fun safely in and around the water.
  • Keep a close eye on your children when they are in or around water.

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