The progression of bubbles.

I got asked to do the progression of bubbles for a conference presenter training but as I got stuck in the snow and all the roads were blocked I was unable to make it up to do my talk on the progression oi bubbles so I thought why not write it on my blog.




“Ok everyone with me take a deep breath, put your face in the water and bubbleeeeeee…..”

Why are bubbles important for learn to swim?

What is a common fault with kids learning to blow bubbles?

Bubbles are essential when learning to breathe because if we do t blow bubbles we can’t breathe.  We are going to move through the water much faster if we let all our air out in the water before we roll out to breathe.

A common fault with children when learning to swim is they don’t take a deep enough breath.  They breathe shallow and are able move towards for a short distance until they need to stop and stand to take a deeper breathe.  So we need to ensure the kids take a deep breathe every time they roll out for a breath.

Swimming Lessons 175
The progression of blowing bubbles.

  1.   Have a race blowing toysacross the pool.
  2.   Teaching breath control without submersion.
  3.   Ring a ring a Rosie’s, bubbles submerged.
  4.   Hold the noodle in a u shape holding onto the side so there is room to put their face in and blow bubbles and learn breath control.
  5.   Big breath in and blow bubbles out for 10 seconds.  Let’s do it three times.
  6.   Feel the air coming into your stomach.
  7.   Streamline across the pool blowing bubbles the whole way across the pool.

    Bubbles is an essential foundation skill when learning to swim.  It is important to ensure the kids are taking nice deep breaths to ensure they can move through the water much faster and with more ease.

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