Starting my own swim school.

Recently I attended a swimming conference and I loved seeing people’s reactions when I told them I had my own swim school.  It’s a common dream in the learn to swim industry.  So seeing their reaction and asking me questions made me feel so great of the accomplishment that I have made.

There was a seed that was planted in my head when I was working in Scotland managing and running a swim school there.  I thought it would be a unacheivable dream that was so far from my reach.  In 2014 my dream turned into reality when I was able to start running out of a local school pool offering after school lessons.


My husband and I decided to move our family to Tauranga so I thought that was it the dream was over.  There were a few tears thinking that I would have to start from scratch again.

We moved to Papamoa and brought a house with enough space to put a pool in.  After getting a few quotes of 80k-100k there were more tears, I was devastated!  Where were we going to get that sort of money to put a pool in? I wanted to make my dream reality once more.  There were thoughts of running out of a school again but felt that it would be much better to see if we could make it work out of our own home.

We were lucky enough that the bank said yes and then after a few more tears we were all go.

Oh my goodness here we go!  In June 2016 we said yes to Penguin Pools.  We were about to put a 12 meter pool in our back yard.

It wasn’t that easy though!  I would have loved it if it was.


They started digging and wow wow the amount of sand was incredible!  It was exciting seeing it all happen but it was also very stressful.  The deep end was going to be 2.2 meters deep.  Which seemed achievable until the digging started and they hit the water table.  Where we live the water table is very high and they had to dig down to 2 meters.  every time they dug more sand would collapse into the hole.  They had to board it up.

One day I was standing out there watching them work in the deep end trying so hard to get the water out with about three different hoses extracting the water 24 hours a day it seemed impossible.  Then suddenly with the weight of the digger a massive chunk of sand came off the side into the hole.  I could see the stress and the utter shock on the pool guys face.  I looked like he wanted to give up.  He then turned around and saw I was standing there.   I can only imagine how he felt.  But at least no one was hurt.

The neighbours shed was only about a meter away and with the hole getting bigger there were nights were I just was not sleeping with thoughts of my neighbours shed falling into this massive hole we have in our back yard.

So more tears and lots and lots of stress.  To be honest I have never felt so stressed in my life.  The guys from Penguin Pools were amazing they kept on working and never let the pressure get too much.

The stress turned into excitement the day that the pool was craned over the house and into my massive stress pool!

Then I had the stress of ensuring it was all up and running before the start date of lessons.  I had pretty much filled up lessons and I wasn’t sure it was all going to be totally finished.

My husband put the fence in just in time for lessons to start and I was away.


I had an incredible first summer!  After the stress of putting the pool in and all the stress and tears it was worth it.  I love, love, love teaching kids to swim and it was so exciting to have heaps of new kids to teach in my new community.


I am looking forward to my second summer!


If you want to book lessons with me then contact me at

See you in the water soon!


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