Will my child forget what they have learnt over the winter?

I had a few parents ask me this question as I was finishing lessons last week.

Will my son or daughter lose everything they have learnt over the winter?


I guess you could look at it like riding a bike.  You learn to ride and then sometimes spend quite a while before you jump back on your bike again.  You might be a bit wobbly to start but after a few goes you are back to where you were originally.

Every child is different, some children may digress more than others especially if they have just started to learn to breathe, as it sometimes takes a wee while to master the skill of breathing.  If your child is now swimming down lengths of the pool then it may take them a few lessons to get back to where they were before, but then we will be away and ready to build on what we had learnt previously.


I would suggest taking your children to the pools as much as possible.  Weekly if possible, even if they are not having structured lessons you will be surprised at how much they retain from just playing.

I often have had children come back after the Christmas break of 6 weeks and are better that when I saw them at the end of term 4 and all they had been doing was playing in the pool every day at Grandma’s house or their own house.

Don’t be too concerned that they are not swimming properly and are just playing I assure you they will still be learning.


If you happen to go to Auckland during the winter be sure to pop in and use their facilities as Auckland pools are FREE for under 16 years!  Free for everyone in South Auckland.

So get to the pools during the winter.  The hot pools are always great, they have a great soak and splash time on Thursday mornings for mums with toddlers/preschoolers.  It costs $6.10 for you and your child.

Have fun this winter and I will see you all next Summer!


email Helene at turtleswimschool@gmail.com

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