Me! A Swimming instructor in Papamoa, Tauranga, New Zealand.

So I decided to write a blog all about ME!

I absolutely love teaching kids to swim and am so passionate about it.  It excites me to go to work and get in the water and work with kids.  I go to work with a smile on my face and I come home with a massive smile on my face!

It is so great to have a job I truly love.


I can be having a really bad day.  My kids have really frustrated me and I am really tired, but once I get to work and jump in the water my worries seem to disappear.

I love asking the kids what they have been up to during their week.  Having the littles say some random and funny things.

I actually learnt what my gluteus maximus was from a 7 year old when I had just started swim teaching.  Obviously I was on another planet at school when they were talking about our body parts.

I begun teaching in Auckland at a well known swim school when I was 18.   To fund my trip to America.  I fell in love with teaching swimming and ended up getting a job in a summer camp in America as a swim teacher and life guard.

Swimming Lessons 175

Once I had done that I travelled to Scotland where initially I worked in a restaurant but was having withdrawal from teaching swimming, so I got a job working for a large swim school in Edinburgh.  Where I went from a swim teacher to working in the office managing and managing the different pools that the swim school had as well as still teaching.

After my time was up in Scotland I went to work as a scuba diver in Turkey.  That was great being in the water all day every day.  Not so good not being paid though!  So I packed up and left and came back to New Zealand.

I walked into a job with my old swim school where I had learnt to swim!  A small family run swim school in central Auckland.  Where I worked my way from a swim teacher to managing the swim school.  I was there for 8 years and left after I had my second child.  During my time there I got my;

  • Swim safe (assistant swim teacher award)
  • Pre schoolers certificate
  • Infants certificate
  • School Aged certificate
  • Disabilities certificate
  • Adult Certificate
  • Diploma in Swim Teaching – The highest certificate in New Zealand.
  • Aust Swim certification
  • Swim Ed Certificate
  • National certificate in Sport and recreation.

I had been there so long it was like I had broken up from a long term boyfriend.  I went through a lot of heart ache.  I am not kidding!  It actually hit me really hard when I left because I had worked so hard for them and felt like I was a piece of furniture there.  But it was onwards and upwards.

My dream has always been to have my own swim school!  Well ever since my boss in Scotland put the little seed in my mind when I was over there.  She kept telling me how wonderful I was and how I could start my own business.  At the time I though “yeah right, that’s not going to happen”  Seemed like it was only a dream until an opportunity arose at a local school.

The school had just had a solar system put into their pool and I saw the opportunity to do lessons after school at their pool.  It worked well having my own kids and that is when Turtle Swim School started.


Turtle Swim School started in the summer of 2013.  It didn’t take long till I was full and people had to go on a waiting list to get in.  I had parents comment on how great I was with their kids.  How their kids progressed a lot faster with me that with other instructors they had, had in the past.

Yes I will talk myself up!  I find it hard being a kiwi to say how great I am because it is just not they way we are wired here.  But once your kids have had a few lessons with me then you will see why I feel I can say that.


So why not come and see yourself?  Book in for lessons with me.

Lessons run in Papamoa, Tauranga in the Summer. or






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